Chemical Compatibility

For our spin coaters and spin coater chucks we use NPP-H with α-crystalline properties. This NPP offers users considerably improved rigidity, in addition to increased toughness. In fact, the level of rigidity measured at 100°C is twice as high as that of β-nucleated PP. At low temperatures, in particular, it displays higher impact resistance than standard NPP-H, thus combining greater functionality with improved safety:


  • Finer and more stable alpha crystalline structure
  • Superior notched impact strength and enhanced rigidity
  • Longer service life
  • Improved chemical resistance and superior stress crack resistance

Where the application requires PTFE, we use TFM material, superior for use with chemicals above standard PTFE, with a much higher material surface density than standard PTFE, thus none to significant lower “Memory Capability” for absorbing contamination from Chemicals.

The perfluorated side group is identical to that of PFA, but is present in distinctly fewer numbers. The molecular weight is only approx. 1/5 that of PTFE, while PFA has only 1/100 of the molecular weight of PTFE. It therefore fills in the "properties gap" between PTFE and PFA without having to be processed in an injection molding procedure, as is the case with PFA.

Please check below the Material Compatibility list for the recommended Spin Coater base material:

Download Chemical Compatibility Brochure