Spin Coater WIth Megpie Megasonic Transducer

What is Megasonic processing?

Megasonic processing has emerged as an increasingly important method of cleaning products which are sensitive to contamination and damage. Our Prosys sapphire MegPie (Megasonic Transducer) can be used for most of your demanding contamination- sensitive cleaning needs. Excellent results have been achieved. (read more…)


The MegPie is a Patented Radial Megasonic Array designed to apply uniform acoustic energy to a rotating substrate.

  • Uniformity Energy Applied to Substrate
  • Easy Integration into your existing spin coater
  • Standard and Custom Designs

Mounted above a rotating substrate, the MegPie provides a uniform field of acoustic energy through a fluid to achieve consistent cleaning.

The ProSys MegPie®Megasonic transducer

The ProSys MegPie Megasonic Transducer applies a uniform field of acoustic energy through a thin layer of process fluid (meniscus) to a substrate being cleaned. The ProSys MicroPulse control and the ProSys MicroPower generator supply RF energy to the MegPie Array.

The space between the transducer surface and the substrate surface (Gap) needs to be set to a given dimension based upon the end user’s final application. The final Gap will usually be between 0.1 and 3.0mm depending on the process fluid parameters and the size and rotational speed of the substrate.

An RPM of greater than 60 is NOT recommended. The higher RPM will make it difficult to maintain wetted surfaces between the substrate and the MegPie. (Faster moving surfaces could create voids and gas bubbles and cause attenuation of the acoustic energy.)

The spin coater system can dispense DIW from the same delivery manifold as used by the Megpie without activating the megasonic function. (see detail photo).

Additional read: Example Megasonic Enhanced Photoresist Strip with DiO3.

Fluid Delivery Manifold - Megpie

The dispense line of the demo unit is equipped with our standard SSV valve which is directly controlled by our Polos software. In case you are looking for an additional dispense line (i.e. with different nozzle, such as spray, jet, etc.), please ask for a special lid and relative components (valve, swivel head, etc.).

Interested in Using a Megpie in Your Spin Coating Process?

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