SPIN300x Spin coater - Advanced PTFE - Integrator Model

Product description


You can now order our new improved and innovative designed POLOS® SPIN300x model. The POLOS® SPIN300x offers precise, repeatable process control. It is made from natural polypropylene (NPP) or optionally available in chemically resistant PTFE. This new version of the well-proven model comes in an advanced version only. It is ideal for processing a wide range of substrates with a diameter of up to 300 mm or square samples with dimensions 200 x 200 mm.

Unique new design

The unique outer shell and drain design allows easy switching between table-top and in-deck model. The modular design enables the user to upgrade the unit using a wide range of different accessories to ease dispensing and overall handling.

Motor homing position

The new SPINx-series has the ability to define a motor homing position, allowing for easy integration in robot controlled/automated environments.

Easy chamber access

The vacuum chuck sits above the edge of the bowl allowing easy access to the wafer/substrate with an end-effector, tweezers or vacuum wand. This is a unique requirement to enable robot handling.

Auto lid

The lid can be automatically opened and closed using the User Interface or alternative a foot pedal (ideal for glovebox usage). In addition, it is also possible to automatically open the lid as a final step of your recipe.

Liquid filter trap
The SPINx-Series is equipped with a liquid filter trap to protect the critical components of our spin coaters, such as the drive unit, vacuum valve, vacuum sensor and ServoBL Controller. The liquid filter trap will capture any liquids entering the vacuum lines via the process chamber or vacuum chuck. Any resists or fluids will be safely kept in a liquid jar/bottle, which can be viewed through a cut-out in the spinner housing. We recommend that all our customers check the liquid jar/bottle during their maintenance schedule and empty the bottle in case any liquids are present.

The spin coater is suitable for:

  • Coating
  • Cleaning
  • Rinse/Dry
  • Developing
  • Etching
  • PDMI and other processes

Specifications hardware SPIN300x: 

  • Process chamber Material: Natural polypropylene (NPP) or PTFE (Optionally available)
  • Max. substrate diameter: Up to 12” (300 mm) wafers or 8” x 8” (200 mm) substrates
  • Liquid filter trap
  • Automatic lid, also controllable via foot pedal (advanced version)
  • Programmable motor homing position
  • Center injection holder for syringe or dispense nozzle
  • Lid lock and vacuum sensor for user safety
  • Large (detachable) touchscreen display
  • USB-port to store recipes on USB-drive and for software updates specifications drive-unit
  • Indirect brushless drive unit - up to 12.000 RPM
  • High acceleration and accuracy: 1 - 30.000 RPM
  • Clockwise/counter clockwise rotation and puddle mode
  • Unique design to switch between desktop and in-deck model

SPIN300x Spin coater - Advanced PTFE - Integrator Model

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Unique outer shell and drain design to switch between table-top and in-deck model in-field
Easy chamber access
Auto Lid
Liquid filter trap
Lid lock and vacuum sensor for user safety


Product Number
Substrate size
Ø300 mm or 8" x 8" square substrates
System Type
Advanced Series
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Accessories & Options
Centering Aid (For 300 mm)
Centering Aid for easy and accurate alignment of your substrate. For use with the POLOS 300 Advanced spin coaters.
6" up to 12"
For use with POLOS 300 Advanced
Dispense Vessel (complete)
Accessories & Options
PTFE Dispense Vessel (complete set)
Auto Dispense Lines Full PTFE dispense vessel automated injector line.
Precision Regulator 0.05-2 Bar
Automated injector line
Male Connector
Accessories & Options
Vacuum Pump (Oil-less)
VP-230 oil-less vacuum pump is a small footprint, lightweight pump wich is ideal for labratory applications.
Max air flow: 166 L/min
Frequency: 50 Hz
Max vacuum (abs): 80 mbar