Opus Dispenser 10 ml

Opus Dispenser 10 ml

Product description

Opus® Dispenser - 10 ml

The bottle dispenser is electronically controlled using the external control module; motorized volume dispensing. User-friendliness, functional reliability, serial dispensing, integration in automated processes, maximum reliability of results. Transform your spin coater for manual dispense into a fully automatic dispense system by using our customized Discharge units, adapters and control cables. The start signal of the dispenser can easily be programmed in your process recipe.

- Electronic control and motorized volume dispensing ensures reproducible results
- Stepper function
- High chemical resistance
- Intuitive control via touchscreen
- Method memory
- With reagent recirculation-system Conformity certified
- Serial or USB interface

The Opus® dispenser is available for 10ml, 20ml and 50 ml and can be combined with our SPIN150i, SPIN200i, POLOS200 Advanced and POLOS300 Advanced series. This is the 10ml model.

Motorised dispensing ensures reproducible results.
With adapter cable for interface Spin Coater / Dispenser

- Microprocessor-controlled, motorised piston lift system with recirculation
- 0.01 ml - 99.99 ml and 0.010 - 99.999 ml, (maximum piston lift 10 ml, automatic addition), resolution: < 1 µl.
- Volume accuracy: R = 0.2 %, CV = 0.07 %
- Independently adjustable in 16 steps from 0.01 ml/s - 2 ml/s for suctioning and dispensing speed
- Working temperature range +4°C to +40°C
- Housing made of PA6 reinforced glass fibre, all parts in contact with liquid are made of chemically inert material (ECTFE, borosilicate glass 3.3, Hastelloy, FEP, PTFE)

Opus Dispenser 10 ml

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High chemical resistance
Motorized volume dispensing
User-friendliness, functional reliability
Integration in automated processes


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10 ml
Electronic control and motorized volume dispensing ensures reproducible results
System Type
Intuitive control via touchscreen
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