HARE-SQ 50 series Photoresist (500ml)

HARE-SQ 50 series Photoresist (500ml)

Product description

HARE-SQ (High Aspect Ratio Epoxy / Superior Quality) is an epoxy based negative photoresist designed for polymeric MEMS, microfluidics, micromachining and other microelectronic applications. This resist has excellent chemical, mechanical and thermal resistance, making it suitable for permanent applications.

The HARE-SQ system is designed for use in thick film applications of 2 to 100 µm, and is ideal for use in permanent applications in which the photoresist remains within the finished device.

Sensitive to NUV, i-line and broadband wavelengths. HARE SQ™ uses superior epoxies specially designed for the electronics industry, making improvements in optical transparency, particles and filter-ability, cured surface energy consistency, and photoresist lot-to-lot consistency versus industry competitors.

  • Lower opacity (Higher transparency – less dosing power/power intensity required)
  • Fewer particles
  • Fewer micro-bubbles
  • More consistent product
  • Adheres to variety of substrates; including silicon, gold, aluminum, chromium and copper. Proper substrate cleaning & dehydration improves adhesion.
  • Coating techniques such as spray coat, slot coating, and other additive techniques are possible; please contact us for more information.
  • Designed for near UV (300 - 400 nm) exposure wavelengths.
  • Can be developed using immersion, puddle or spray puddle.
  • Can be hard baked for permanent applications that would benefit from further crosslinking.


  • Film thickness: 2 to 100+ microns
  • Double-coat process available
  • Superior cleanliness and optical clarity
  • Consistent surface energy
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Competes with SU-8™
  • Fully compatible with SU-8 processes.

Handling & disposal considerations
HARE-SQ contains a combustible liquid; keep away from ignition sources, heat, sparks and flames. HARE-SQ is compatible with typical waste streams used with photoresist processing. It is the user’s responsibility to dispose in accordance with all regulations.


HARE-SQ 50 series Photoresist (500ml)

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Excellent chemical, mechanical and thermal resistance
Suitable for permanent applications
Competes with SU-8™
Double-coat process available


Product Number
HARE-SQ-50 (500ml)
Film Thickness
50 µm
Photoresist Type
Negative tone Photoresist
Key Benefit
Superior cleanliness and optical clarity
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