FR-Scanner VIS/NIR spectral range

FR-Scanner VIS/NIR spectral range

Product description

FR-Scanner is a compact bench-top tool for the automatic characterization of films and coatings on wafers, masks or other substrates. The FR-Scanner is the ideal tool for the fast and accurate mapping of film properties: thickness, refractive index, uniformity, color etc Wafers of any diameter (300 mm max.) / shape can be accommodated on the vacuum chuck.

The FR-Scanner scans the wafers by rotating the wafer and by moving it linearly (Polar Coordinates) with unparalleled speed and accuracy in both radius and angle. This way, accurate reflectance data with high repeatability are recorded, making FR-Scanner the ideal tool for at-line and on-line characterization of coatings on wafers or other substrates at processing facilities. It is offered in a wide range of configurations for the characterization of films as thin as few nanometers and as thick as several hundreds of micrometers and is accompanied with a dedicated S/W for daily routine use.

The FR-Scanner provides excellent performance in terms of accuracy, precision, reproducibility and long-term stability.


  • Single-click analysis (no need for initial guess)
  • Dynamic measurements
  • Measurement of n & k, color is included
  • Save videos for presentations
  • 600+ non-identical materials
  • Multiple installations for off-line analysis
  • Free of-charge Software update


  • Semiconductor Manufacturing (photoresists, dielectrics, poly-Si, a-Si, DLC, photonic multilayer structures)
  • PV Industry
  • Universities & Research labs
  • Life Sciences
  • Liquid Crystal Display
  • Optical Coatings
  • Polymers
  • MEMS and MOEMS
  • Substrates: transparent (glass, quartz, etc.) and semi-transparent

Principle of Operation
White Light Reflectance Spectroscopy (WLRS) measures the amount of light reflected from a film or a multilayer stack over a spectral range, with the incident light normal (perpendicular) to the sample surface.

The measured reflectance spectrum, produced by interference from the individual interfaces is being used to determine the thickness, optical constants (n & k), etc. of free-standing and supported (on transparent or partially/fully reflective substrates) stack of films.


FR-Scanner VIS/NIR spectral range

Choose your size:
Fast and accurate mapping of film properties
Accurate reflectance data with high repeatability
Available in a wide range of configurations
Single-click analysis (no need for initial guess)


Product Number
FR-Scanner VIS/NIR
Size of
Table-top System
Thickness range
15 nm to 100 um
Spectral range
370 nm - 1020 nm
Light Source MTBF
5,000 h
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