Product description

FR-pOrtable is a unique, miniaturized, turn-key solution for accurate & precise non-destructive optical characterization of transparent and semi-transparent single films or stack of films. With FR-pOrtable the user can perform reflectance measurements for films in the 350-1000 nm spectral range.

The compact size of FR-pOrtable and the custom designed reflection probe, guarantee highly accurate and repeatable measurements.

FR-pOrtable can be either mounted on the supplied stage or can be easily transformed to a handheld thickness measurement tool to be placed over the sample under characterization. FR-pOrtable is the only optical characterization tool for in-field applications.


  • Thickness measurement range: 12 nm to 90 μm
  • Refractive Index (n & k) calculation
  • Broad Spectral Range: 380 nm – 1020 nm
  • USB powered
  • Portable
  • Reflectance, Transmittance, Absorption and Color parameters


  • At-the-Field adaptor: For measurements at the Point-of-Need
  • Transmittance module: For the measurement of transmittance & absorbance spectra of coatings, coating thickness etc.
  • Manual X-Y stage: For the characterization of coatings at multiple positions (manual movement)


  • Universities & Research labs
  • Semiconductors (Oxides, Nitrides, Si, Resists, etc.)
  • Life Sciences
  • MEMS devices (Photoresists, Si membranes, etc.)
  • LED
  • Data Storage
  • Hard/Soft coatings on curved substrates
  • Polymer coatings, adhesives, etc.
  • Biomedical (parylene, balloon wall thickness, etc.)
  • And more… (contact us with your requirements)

Principle of Operation
White Light Reflectance Spectroscopy (WLRS) measures the amount of light reflected from a film or a multilayer stack over a range of wavelengths, with the incident light normal (perpendicular) to the sample surface.

The measured reflectance spectrum, produced by interference from the interfaces is being used to determine the thickness, optical constants (n & k), etc. of free-standing and supported (on transparent or partially/fully reflective substrates) stack of films.



Highly accurate and repeatable measurements
Can either be mounted on the supplied stage or easily transformed to a handheld thickness measurement tool
Single-click analysis (no need for initial guess)
350+ non-identical materials


Product Number
Portable System
Thickness range
12 nm to 90 μm
Spectral range
380 nm - 1020 nm
Light Source MTBF
20,000 h
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