AT610 ALD System

AT610 ALD System

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Product description

AT610 Base ALD System

Temperature-controlled all aluminum chamber, up to 330°C, with up to 6" round and 7'' square diameter sample holder. Table-Top Atomic Layer Deposition Unit, suitable for up to 5 lines. The tool boasts capabilities that meet or exceed those found in other tools on the market, while being easy to use and maintain - at a cost well below what can be found on the market today. 

  • Reduces process and dose variability common to competitors
  • Fast cycling capability
  • 6-10 cycles/min or up to 1.2nm/min Al2O3 (best in class)


  • Substrate size Up to 6" (150mm) diameter
  • Chamber temperatures from RT to 400°C ± 1°C
  • Precursor temperatures from RT to 150°C ± 2°C with optional heating jackets
  • 2 counter reactants - standard
  • 1 liquid source such as H2O or H2O2
  • 1 gas source such as O2 or NH3
  • 2 gas sources can be used as well
  • Variable process pressure control 0.1 to 1.5Torr
  • All metal sealed system upstream of sample
  • Up to 3x Heated sources
  • Volume controlled dosing (Volume control yields more repeatable precursor doses)
  • Valve time controlled dosing
  • Exposure Control
  • Point source Gas Distribution with Optimal Spreading for superior film uniformity
  • Integrated, angled HMI/PLC SW/Controls (prevents random SW lockups)
  • 16-bit 7" color touchscreen control and PLC operation
  • Recipe Control: proven recipes pre-loaded in controller
  • Heated chamber isolation valve for high exposure, high conformality processes
  • Dedicated process kit with optimized precursor flow path and all metal sealing upstream of sample
  • All sources include heated, integrated dose volumes for precise and quantifiable precursor delivery
  • 4 Swagelok thermal ALD valves
  • 5 high temperature dose volume fill valves
  • Fujikin metal sealed, 200 sccm MFC for N2 or Ar purge flow control
  • Fully automated temperature control system for bottles, dose volumes, precursor delivery manifold and chamber
  • Chamber heater control based on dual temperature probes for accuracy and as probe failure failsafe
  • Proprietary software embedded in PLC with integrated process recipe

AT610 ALD System

Suitable for up to 5 lines
Large substrate and precursor temperature ranges
Fast cycling capability
Glovebox integration optional


Product Number
Max. substrate size
Max. temperature
Up to 330°C
System type
Table-top System
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